Presentation of a virtual 3D tour of Red Village was held in Tel Aviv

On February 15, in Tel Aviv, at the IMTM EXPO exhibition center, as part of the international tourism exhibition IMTM-2023, a presentation of a virtual 3D tour of the Azerbaijani Red Sloboda was held as a tourist attraction. Visitors were offered a virtual tour of the Red Village and the Mountain Jews Museum.

This tour gives everyone around the world the opportunity to visit the Red Village and all its Jewish sights without leaving their homes. Now you can take a virtual journey through the streets of Red Village on the screen of your smartphone or computer by going to the museum's website.

Krasnaya Sloboda is a suburb of the Guba city in northern Azerbaijan, it is known throughout the world as the only settlement outside Israel where Jews live compactly and make up the majority. Recently, a unique, the world's only historical and ethnographic Mountain Jews Museum has been operating in Red Village.

The museum is located in the old restored Karchogi synagogue, which was closed during the Soviet years. The initiative to create a Mountain Jews Museum belongs to Russian businessmen and philanthropists - natives of the Azerbaijani Red Village God Nisanov, Zarakh Iliev and German Zakharyaev. The creation of the general concept and the collection of exhibits was carried out by the STMEGI International Charitable Foundation, the largest organization uniting Mountain Jews from all over the world. Assistance in the creation of the museum was provided by the authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who took a course towards building a multicultural tolerant society, taking care of all ethnic groups and confessions living in the state.

German Zakharyaev, President of the STMEGI Foundation, noted: “Our commitment to the faith and heritage of our ancestors has withstood the test of time, but now that most of our people have left their traditional places of residence, our traditions, culture and language need to be preserved. We hope that the opening of a museum in Red Village, as well as a yeshiva and a mikvah, will strengthen the community and serve to attract tourists from Israel and other countries of the world to Red Village.”

The head of the STMEGI media group, David Mordekhaev, who oversaw the concept and creation of the museum, said that the original facade was completely preserved in the building, but the interior space was designed according to modern standards. “On two floors there is a unique composition dedicated to the history of the Mountain Jews, with information stands in three languages: Russian, Azerbaijani and English, describing the unique history and culture of the Jews of the Caucasus,” David Mordekhaev emphasized.

The exposition presents many artifacts (clothing, utensils, jewelry, arts and crafts, religious objects, sacred books) illustrating the diverse culture of the Mountain Jewish community. Artistic postcards and historical documents from the collection of antiquary Zoar Shalumov took an important place in the museum's collection.

There are many countries represented at the IMTM-2023 tourism exhibition. Representatives of travel agencies and hotels arrived from Azerbaijan, but the main focus was on the tourism potential of Red Village. The Israelis got acquainted with the history and traditions of the Mountain Jews with interest. The exhibition was visited by Israeli Tourism Minister Chaim Katz, who paid special attention to the pavilion of Azerbaijan.

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